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Visitor Guide 2013
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Roman Town House
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Our Roman Town House was discovered as  a result of excavations taken place during the 1930's        

What lay beneath the ground, was the history of another time, Roman Times - around the 4th century AD.  Today, this amazing Roman Town House is preserved, and available for anyone to see, free of charge, at any time of year.

Our Town House is in the grounds of County Hall, very close the the town centre.  A visit to Dorchester really wouldn't be the same without a visit to our Roman Town House.

Many of the relics found from the excavations are still on show in the Dorset County Museum.              

Why not get a flavour of our House by clicking the link the the left to see some close up photographs of the site.

Details of the Roman Town House page of the Visit Dorchester Visitor Guide 2013 is can be seen here : Roman Town House

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